Tansi Kiya?

Welcome to the Sakaw Cree Online Language Project!

Sakaw “Boreal Forest” Cree is a variation of the ‘y’ cree dialect. Spoken in north central Alberta Canada, it’s a cross between Woodland Cree and Plains Cree.

Sakaw Cree is the primary language of the Bigstone Cree Nation people, who live near the Hamlet of Wabasca in the Municipal District of Opportunity #17.

Preserving the Language

Sakaw Cree is not commonly mentioned with the other Indigenous languages on lists or on maps. Normally, we are either grouped with the Woodland Cree or the Plains Cree.

We’re attempting to help preserve the language with the help of my mother, other Elders, and family.

Preserving the Culture

Along with preserving the language, some culture and traditions may be covered on this website.

Support Our Work

Donations here will go to paying website fees, and the rest will go to my mother, Elders, and other contributors. Please click here now to make a donation!

Donations will allow us to create more lessons, add sound for pronunciation, and maybe even some videos.

First Lesson: Simple Greeting

From the very top of this page, we asked Tansi kiya?

Tansi means “how” and kiya means “you” so together as a greeting Tansi kiya? means “Hello, how are you?”

When someone asks you Tansi kiya? you would respond with Namoya nantaw, that means “I am good, nothing wrong.”

Right after Namoya nantaw you can add Ekwa Kiya? that means “and how are you?”